We raise healthy, nourishing food in ways that are respectful and sustainable to the soil, animals, and local community.  We strive to regenerate our soils and alleviate the impact of agriculture on the environment through rotational grazing and foraging methods, natural and humane husbandry, GMO and chemical free practices, and a focus on local markets.

Our farm consists of approximately 25 acres of pasture and woodlands. We raise a number of animals including Icelandic Sheep, heritage pigs, laying hens, red broiler meat chickens, and a Jersey cow and her calves. 

Our laying hens and broilers live with a Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dog to keep them safe from our numerous predators, allowing them to be truly pastured and free range while avoiding the “chicken tractors” that so many pasture based farms resort to.  They live in mobile coops that enables frequent pasture rotation that is best for both our pastures and chicken health.  In addition to the chicken’s diet of foraged bugs and greens, we feed an organically grown grain ration that is both milled and grown locally, soy and GMO free. After a few years of growing both the commercial white Cornish X meat chicken and the slightly slower growing red Freedom Ranger broilers, in 2016 we decided to discontinue growing the Cornish (and haven't looked back!).  We find the Rangers to be superior foragers and far hardier in our pasture based system, and the taste of the red broilers surpasses a Cornish also grown on pasture.  Eggs are available year (less abundant in the winter months) and broilers are available from May until our inventory runs out in late fall or early winter.

Our pigs are a mix of heritage breeds, mainly Berkshire and Large Black with a little Tamworth too. They are provided with both forest and pasture to browse and root in. Their low stocking density and frequent rotation minimizes their impact on the environment and maximizes their quality of life.   Piglets are born at our farm and live in a stress free environment from day one.  We retain good mothering traits in our sows so we never need to resort to farrowing crates. In addition to the pig’s diet of foraged roots and shoots, we feed an organically grown grain ration that is both milled and grown locally, soy and GMO free.  A limited number of whole and half hogs are available for sale each spring and fall. Please contact us to be put on the list for halves and wholes.  Individually packaged cuts of pork are generally available year round.  

We breed and raise Icelandic sheep, a medium sized primitive breed.  Icelandics are hardy, extremely good mothers, marble well on just pasture, and their flavor is world renowned.  Our lambs graze and browse on fresh grass and brush, just like ruminants are supposed to!  We do not supplement with any grains, instead we rotate them daily to fresh pasture ensuring they always have the best nutrition available, resulting in the highest quality meat for you and your family.  A limited number of whole lambs are available each fall.  Please contact us to be on the list for wholes.  Cuts of lamb are available from mid-summer until our inventory runs out in late fall or early winter.  In addition to meat, our flock supplies us with lovely, naturally colored wool at shearing twice a year.  Raw wool, rovings/batts, mill and handspun yarns, and pelts are available throughout the year.